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1958 (© Robert Rowland)
RAF Woodbridge airfield control tower
Airfield Today:
Woodbridge airfield is currently used for army air force training (AAC) (i.e. helicopters and Hercules) out of Wattisham airfield. Part of the former technical site is now new army barracks (Rock Barracks) for 23 Eng Reg.
Domestic area refurbished and back in use. Casual use of airfield for motor
vehicle events includes former HAS site to north-east end. (Control tower and airfield buildings are disused and not maintained). Airfield, excluding built area, shortly to be taken over by Defence Training Estate (DTE) for tri-service training.
Keith Marsland, Defence Estates, May 2007
Tower Type:
Watch Office for All Commands 343/43
Other Buildings:
Not known
09/43 to 03/48, Originally opened as an emergency airfield for RAF and USAAF aircraft with runways 3,000ft longer and five times wider than normal, FIDO installed 02/44. By 08/44 over 1,000 emergency landings had taken place, 2,700 by the end of 1944 and over 4,000 by the end of the war.
Also used for experimental work by Martlesham Heath including testing Tallboy and Grand Slam bombs and blind landing experiments.
Airfield then closed and used by Ministry of Supply.
05/52 to 11/69, 79th Tactical Fighter Sqn, with F-84 Thunderjets and in 1957 F-100 Super Sabres,
1966 F-4 Phantoms, moved to Upper Heyford.
01/59 to 05/92, 78th Tactical Fighter Sqn from Shepherds Grove with F-84, F-101, F-4 Phantoms, later A-10 Thunderbolts.
12/68 to 1988, 67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Sqn with Hercules transports and Jolly Green Giant helicopters. 06/88 became 67 Special Operations Group and moved to Alconbury.
1978 to 08/92, 91st TFS from Bentwaters with A-10 Thunderbolts.
RAF Woodbridge airfield control tower
1988 (© Rick Palace)
RAF Woodbridge airfield control tower
Operational Bomber
USAAF Station:
Bitumen and sand
1x - Blister, 1x - B1
11 miles NE of Ipswich
OS Ref:
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RAF Woodbridge airfield control tower
2004 (© Andrew Horrex)
2000 (© DJ Akerman)
RAF Woodbridge airfield control tower
1958 (© Robert Rowland)
RAF Woodbridge airfield control tower
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