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The first Watch Office was the small black building on the left c.1940 (© via Steve Ward)
RAF Warmwell - Battle of Britain airfield control tower -
Airfield Today:
Agriculture, housing, quarry
Tower Type:
1. 1937 - 1941 Wooden Watch Office, building No.21 on the 1938 site plan
2. Watch Office for all Commands 12779/41, medium windows to 343/43
1. Demolished
2. Converted to house
Other Buildings:
Few, part of perimiter track and Bellman hangers
Opened to No.6 Armament Training Camp (known as RAF Woodsford until 07/1938) with Tutor and Wallace target tugs over the Chesil Bank gunnery range.
to 07/1940, No. 10 Bombing and Gunnery School with Battles, Henleys, Harrows and Seals, moved to Dumfries.
05/1940 to 05/1944 taken over by No.10 Group Fighter Command. There were several Luftwaffe raids during the Battle of Britain and through to spring 1941. At least 33 RAF Squadrons operated from here (including 19 ,41, 118, 130, 152, 164, 174, 175, 181, 182, 184, 234, 245, 247, 257, 263, 266, 302, 312, 350, 401, 402, 403, 411, 438, 439, 440, 443, 609 and 610 Squadrons). Aircraft included Hurricanes, Spitfires, Typhoons and Whirlwinds.
No.275 and 276 Squadrons air-sea rescue here with Walrus amphibians.
03/1944 to 08/1944, 428th, 429th, 430th FS of the 474th Fighter Group with P-38 Lightnings. First mission flown 25/04/1944, 27 P-38's were lost in action before the move to Normandy.
Post-war used by target towing aircraft until 10/1945, airfield then on Care and Maintenance until sold off in 1950.
RAF Warmwell - Battle of Britain airfield control tower -
Hawker Typhoons near the Watch Office 1943 (© Mr. Hayes)
1950 (© Mr. Hayes)
1930s (© George Keeble) George Keeble's father flew from Warmwell in the 1930s.
Westland Wallace aircraft, K6063 and K8633
Below: Looking east towards the pre-war hangar and buildings, the top half of the photo is now the new housing estate and memorial area. The original Watch Office is the building in the lower left corner.
RAF Warmwell - Battle of Britain airfield control tower -
Operational Fighter
USAAF Station:
1x - Pre-war: Shed, Aircraft 204' x 101', 2x - Bellman, 8x - Blister
4 miles E of Dorchester
OS Ref:
Photographs © copyright as stated
RAF Warmwell - Battle of Britain airfield control tower -
Side (move cursor over image to see drawings) Rear
View east along the perimeter track, now used as road. Control Tower is just at left of hill brow, airfield was to right of road.
Bellman Hangars to South of airfield
RAF Warmwell - Battle of Britain airfield control tower -
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