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May 2007 (© via Kevin at Tilia Properties)
Rackheath control tower rebuilt 2006-2007
After many years of neglect and uncertainty its great to see that Rackheath tower has been saved and is being restored. Its a great shame that many of these historic buildings are meeting their fate in the jaws of the mechanical diggers. Don't they look great with some work done...

''Hi Rob
These pictures were taken this week, following the fire in the adjacent farm field which threatened the tower. The windows are on order with a specialist firm and should be delivered in the next 4 weeks along with the replacement handrails, the interior will then be completed. The road to the tower is now officially known as 'Witchcraft Way' after the aircraft of the same name.
regards, Kevin''
2007 (© via Kevin at Tilia Properties)
RAF Rackheath control tower 2006 - 2007

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''Hi Rob, I stopped off at "Jim`s Cafe" for a mug of tea, when a van from the developers pulled in. I asked how the refurbishment of the Control Tower was progressing and he told me that
the scaffolding would all be down in the next couple of hours. So I went round to the Tower and took these photos for you.
Apparently, we have had a lucky escape as the cornfield alongside the Tower caught fire at the weekend. A chap from the developers rushed off and came back with a digger/JCB and carved out a fire-break, a few minutes later there was a flash-over and the whole field burnt out.''
May 2007 (© Geoff Williams)
RAF Rackheath airfield - 467th BG 2006/2007
RAF Rackheath airfield + control tower 467 BG = www.controltowers.co.uk © robert truman 2007