Horsham St Faith
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Truck mounted, watercooled .50 cal AA gun - USAAF style! 1943 (© via Peter Randall)
RAF Horsham St Faith airfield control tower
Airfield Today:
Norwich airport
Tower Type:
1. Watch Office with Met Section 5845/39
2. Modern airport control tower
1. Used as offices
2. In use
Other Buildings:
06/1940 to 08/1942, Bomber Station built pre-war with several Squadrons based here.
09/1942 to 11/1942, 437th, 438th, 439th and 440th Bomb Squadrons of the 319th Bombardment Group with B-26 Marauders from Shipdham, some moved to Attlebridge, the others to North Africa.
04/1943 to 07/1943,
61st, 62nd and 63rd Fighter Squadrons of the 56th Fighter Group 'Zemke's Wolfpack' with P-47 Thunderbolts moved here from Kings Cliffe. Moved to Halesworth when Horsham St Faith was rebuilt as a heavy bomber airfield with concrete runways.
01/1944 to 07/1945, 752nd, 753rd, 754th and 755th Bombardment Squadrons of the 458th Bombardment Group (Heavy) from the USA with B-24 Liberators, flew 240 missions losing 47 aircraft in combat along with another 18 before returning to the USA.
10/07/1945 to 03/1967, Transferred to RAF Fighter Command.
Reopened as Norwich Airport after RAF closure.
RAF Horsham St Faith airfield
Norwich airport 1973 (© Rick Easter)
2003 (© Karl Lake)
2003 (© Karl Lake)
458th Bomb Group B-24 Liberator bombers Here
(© via Paul Francis)
Horsham St Faith - 56th Fighter Group - 319th Bomb Group - 458th Bomb Group -
Operational Bomber and Fighter
RAF closure 1967
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
grass, then 3x - concrete
5x - C Type
4 miles N of Norwich
OS Ref:
458th BG B-24 Liberators
Photographs © copyright as stated
RAF Horsham St Faith airfield
2021 (© Karl Lake)
Horsham St Faith - 56th FG - 319th BG - 458th BG -
The modern Norwich airport control tower 2021 (© A. Gillespie via Karl Lake)
2016 (© Karl Lake)
Horsham St Faith - 56th Fighter Group - 319th Bomb Group - 458th Bomb Group -
RAF Horsham St Faith 8th USAAF airfield - 56 FG - 319 BG - 458 BG - control tower - Norwich airport -
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