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RAF Greenham Common airfield
Airfield Today:
Not known
Tower Type:
1. Watch Office for Night Fighter Stations 12096/41 - anyone have a photo??
2. Control Tower 5223a/51 for Very Heavy Bomber Stations
1. Original tower demolished in 1951 when Station was rebuilt
2. 2004: Post-war tower now derelict
Other Buildings:
Not known
09/1942 to 11/1942, HQ Staff of 51st Troop Carrier Wing, moved to North Africa.
11/1942 to 09/1943, Used by RAF training units of No.15 (P) AFU and No.1511 BAT Flight.
11/1943, 353rd, 355th, 356th Fighter Squadrons of the 354th Fighter Group with P-51B Mustangs here before moving to Boxted.
02/44 to 06/45, HQ of 53rd Troop Carrier Wing, controlling Aldermaston, Membury, Ramsbury and Welford. Waco glider assembly line based here with over 4,000 gliders assembled on Crookham Common and flown out from Greenham Common airfield.
01/44 to 03/44, 395th, 396th and 397th Fighter Squadrons of the 368th Fighter Group with P-47 Thunderbolts, moved to Chilbolton.
03/44 to 02/45, 87th, 88th, 89th and 90th Troop Carrier Squadrons of the 438th Troop Carrier Group with C-47 and C-53's for glider towing and paratroop drops. The 438th TCG lead the D-Day invasion carrying the US 101st Airborne Division paratroopers to Carentan. 07/44 to 08/44, 87th, 88th and 89th TCS moved to Italy for the invasion of Southern France. 438th TCG also involved in the Arnhem operations before moving to France.
07/44 to 08/44, 36th, 37th, 44th and 45th TCS of the 316th TCG.
06/45 to 06/46, Used by RAF Technical Training Command ground units.
1951 to 09/53, The original airfield was completely rebuilt as a USAFE Station. 03/54 to 07/64, B-47 Stratojets of the 303rd Bomb Wing, Strategic Air Command were the first of many USAF units based here until the airfield was returned to the RAF.
Disused between 08/64 and 01/67, airfield then reopened for storage and NATO excercises. Upgraded in the 1970's it was then rebuilt to house USAF Tomahawk cruise missiles and 11/83, 501st Tactical Missile Wing
received its first missiles which remained until closure in 1992.
RAF Greenham Common - 316th TCG - 438th TCG - 354th FG - 368th FG - SAC - 501st TMW -
'CJ' coded C-47 Skytrain of the 73rd TCS, 434th TCG from Aldermaston, seen in front of the first control tower at Greenham Common 1944 (© 53rd TCW, 9th USAAF)
1982 (© Anthony Marra)







2013 (© The SUN)

RAF Greenham Common - 316th TCG - 438th TCG - 354th FG - 368th FG - SAC - 501st TMW -
Training, operational glider towing and paratrooper drops, USAFE SAC
USAAF Station:
3x - concrete, tarmac
2x - T2
2 miles SE of Newbury
OS Ref:
Dan McKenzies tour of Greenham Common 2001:
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RAF Greenham Common airfield
Greenham Common airshow 1983 (© Mark Harris)
RAF Greenham Common - 316th TCG - 438th TCG - 354th FG - 368th FG - SAC - 501st TMW -
RAF Greehnham Common airfield and Control Tower
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