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Front view 2002 (© Robert Truman)
RAF Gosfield airfield
Airfield Today:
Agriculture, industry
Tower Type:
Watch Office for All Commands 12779/41 with medium front windows to 343/43
Now extended and modified, in use as an industrial unit
Other Buildings:
Very few
12/43 to 03/44, 386th, 387th and 388th Fighter Squadrons of the 365th Fighter Group with P-47D Thunderbolts, flew 5 combat missions from here before moving to Beaulieu.
04/44, 596th, 597th, 598th and 599th Bombardment Squadrons of the 397th Bombardment Group with B-26 Maurauders from the USA, the 397th Bomb Group moved to Rivenhall.
04/44 to 09/44, 644th, 645th, 646th and 647th BS of the 410th Bomb Group with A-20 Havocs from Birch, flew 124 missions losing 20 A-20's before move to France.
01/45, RAF 299 Squadron Stirlings here from Wethersfield before moving to Shepherds Grove.
03/45, Gosfield used by RAF 271, 512 and 575 Squadron Dakotas towing Horsa gliders in support of the Rhine crossing. Airfield sold in 1955.
RAF Gosfield - 397th BG - 410th BG - 365th FG -
Rear view, it is only from the back that the original building can be identified, the three top floor windows on the right side and the long thin window on the far right (the 8ft high staircase window) show the original buildings dimensions. The two windows on the left side are in the new extended section 2002 (© Robert Truman)
RAF Gosfield - 397th BG - 410th BG - 365th FG -
Operational fighter and bomber
USAAF Station:
3x - concrete with wood chips
2x - T2
6 miles S of Braintree
OS Ref:
All photographs copyright © as stated
RAF Gosfield - 9th USAAF - IX USAAF -
RAF Gosfield airfield - 365th FG - 397th BG - 410th BG -
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