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Duxford control tower 1944-45 (© 78th FG, USAAF, via Raymond King)
RAF Duxford - Battle of Britain airfield
Airfield Today:
Imperial War Museum airfield with many annual air shows
Tower Type:
1. 1917 Watch Office single storey hut, replaced with later 1941 tower
2. Observation post mounted on corner of hangar
3. Watch Office for All Commands 12779/41
1. 1917 Watch Office now used for displays
2. Removed post-war
3. 12779/41 still in use for Flying Control (now has post-war VCR that came from the tower at Nuneaton)
Other Buildings:
Most including guardroom, ops block, church, gun butts, hangars, runways, perimeter track, Technical and Domestic sites
Built as an RAF fighter base in 1918, twinned with nearby Fowlmere.
No. 8 Squadron here 1919-20, then No. 2 FTS.
Station enlarged between 1928 and 1932.
01/04/1923, No. 19 Squadron formed here and were the first to receive the Mk1 Spitfire in 1938.
Operational during the Battle of Britain, involved in the 'Big Wing' controversy. RAF Fighter Command Squadrons operating here were: 19, 56, 66, 133, 181, 195, 222, 242, 264, 266, 310 312, 601, 609, 611, AFDU.
/1942, Transferred to USAAF.
10/1942 to 04/1943, 350th Fighter Group flying P-39 Airacobras, moved to North Africa.
04/1943 to 11/1945, 82nd, 83rd and 84th Fighter Squadrons of the 78th Fighter Group 'The Duxford Eagles' from Goxhill flying P-38 Lightning, then P-47 Thunderbolts until 12/1944 when they converted to P-51D Mustangs, flew 450 missions.
82nd FS (coded MX), 83rd FS (coded HL), 84th FS (coded WZ).
12/1945 to 07/1961, RAF returned flying Meteors, Hunters and Javelins.
Now home to the main aircraft display and air shows of the Imperial War Museum.

Please Note!
this is NOT the official IWM Duxford website; use the link below
Duxford control tower with rooftop observation post added by the 78th Fighter Group, in the background note the observation post on the corner of the hangar 1944 (© 78th FG, USAAF)
Inside the control tower, note the B-17 outside 1944 (© 78th FG, USAAF)
Snowball fight outside the Briefing Room winter 1944-45 (© 78th FG, USAAF)
P-47D Thunderbolt 1944 (© 78th FG, USAAF)
A modern recreation of Colonel Landers P-51D Mustang 'Big Beautiful Doll'
2000 (© Robert Truman)
The original 'Big Beautiful Doll' in a blast pen that still exists near the American Air Museum
P-51D Mustang, 84th Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, USAAF
1944 (© 78th Fighter Group, USAAF)
RAF Duxford airfield control tower - 78th Fighter Group -
Operational Fighter
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
1x - grass, with PSP added from 11/1944, single concrete added 1949
3x - double and 1x - single Belfast Truss, 8x - Blister
8 miles S of Cambridge
OS Ref:
Official site: www.iwm.org.uk/duxford
All photographs copyright © as stated
1967, Frank Sinatra and Edward Fox were here during the filming of the spy film 'The Naked Runner' which shows Duxfords derelict hangars, buildings and control tower.
1968, 'The Battle of Britain' during which the single Belfast Truss hangar was blown up (without permission!).
RAF Duxford airfield - 78th Fighter Group -
12779/41 Control Tower, WW1 Watch Office in centre background 1999 (© Robert Truman)
1917 Watch Office
1942 Watch Office
2002 (© Edward Lowdell)
1970s (© via Paul Francis)
RAF Duxford - more photos here -
2002 (© Steve Bond)
RAF Duxford airfield control tower - 78th Fighter Group -
RAF Duxford, 78th FG, airfield + control tower = www.controltowers.co.uk © robert truman 2002
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