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Donald J. Schmitt was a B-17 pilot with the 493rd BG at Debach 1945 (© David Schmitt)
Lt Donald Schmitt, pilot, 494rd BG (H)
Hello, my dad was 1st Lt Donald J. Schmitt, 8th USAAF. He arrived in Liverpool, England on November 8, 1944 onboard the liner Queen Mary. I assume he went right to Debach.

His first mission (possibly as a co-pilot) was on December 6, 1944. I am not sure which B-17 he was on at that time. However, I do know that the crew transitioned to their "new ship" for the first time on his 15th mission on February 14, 1945 (I believe he was a pilot by this time). This was B-17 serial number 44-6968 and later that month he named it "SONOF-A-BLITZ".

His 35th and last mission was on April 16, 1945. He remained at Debach until he departed Liverpool on May 15, 1945 on the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth. All of this, before his 22nd birthday.

My dad went to be with our Lord in 1994. Unfortunately, I was not all that interested in his war experiences and didn't ask any questions, my mother later told me that he did not like talking about it. However, in the last couple of years, I have done a lot of research about his time in the AAF and a lot of this was done through the internet.

Best wishes, David Schmitt

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Winter 1944-45 (© David Schmitt)
- 493rd Bomb Group - B-17 Flying Fortress 'Son of a Blitz' - 44-6968 -
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