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1945 (© via Hank A Howard)
RAF Chelveston airfield
Airfield Today:
Tower Type:
1. Watch Office with Met Section 518/40 (anyone have a better photo?)
2. Post-war skeletal Tower with VCR, 5589/58
Both demolished
Other Buildings:
J Type hangar now demolished, few, if any buildings now remain
12/1941, RAF Central Gunnery School.
05/1942 to 07/1942, Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment testing gliders.
06/1942 to 08/1942, 10th, 11th, 12th and 28th Troop Carrier Squadrons of the 60th Troop Carrier Group with C-47s, moved to Aldermaston.
08/1942 to 11/1942, 32nd, 352nd, 353rd and 419th Bombardment Squadrons of the 301st Bombardment Group (H) with B-17F, moved to North Africa.
12/1942 to 07/1945, 364th, 365th, 366th and 422nd Bombardment Squadrons of the 305th Bomb Group 'Can Do', commanded by Colonel Curtiss Le May, moved here from Grafton Underwood.
09/1943 to 10/1943, 422nd Bomb Squadron flew the first 8th USAAF night missions. Equipped with B-17s the 305th Bomb Group flew a total of 330 (337 in total) missions from Chelveston, losing 154 aircraft.
20/02/1944, 1st Lt W.R. Lawley Jnr and 11/04/1944, 1st Lt E.S. Michael both won the Medal of Honor. Moved to Belgium, then Germany and disbanded 1946.
10/1945 to /1952, RAF No. 25 Maintenance Unit.
/1952, Transferred to USAF and rebuilt with a single runway of 11,000'.
12/1952 to /1955, used by Third Air Force ground units.
01/11/1955 to /1967, Transferred to Seventh Air Division, Strategic Air Command as a stand-by base. /1958 to 09/1959, used by RB-47s of the 'Reflex Force'. 08/1959 to 03/1962, used by RB-66C's of the 42nd Tactical Reconnaissance Sqn, 10th TR Wing. Then used by RAF and USAF units until final closure.
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RAF Chelveston airfield - 301st Bomb Group - 305th Bomb Group -
The wartime USAAF control tower 1943 (© via Steve Ward)
1945 (© via Paul Francis)
RAF Chelveston - 301st Bomb Group - 305th Bomb Group -
Operational Bomber
Final closure date not known
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
3x - concrete, tarmac
1x - J Type, 2x - T2
6 miles S of Thrapston
OS Ref:
Photographs © copyright as stated
RAF Chelveston airfield - 301st Bomb Group - 305th Bomb Group -
SAC EB-47E, 301st Bomb Wing from Lockbourne AFB, Ohio 1958 (© Gus Letto)
1958-59 (© Gus Letto)
RAF Chelveston airfield - 60th TCG - 301st BG - 305th BG 'Can Do' -
The post-war USAF control tower 1974 (© via Paul Francis)
1973 (© Steve Bond)
2005 (© Nigel Brooks)
RAF Chelveston airfield - 60th TCG - 301st BG - 305th BG 'Can Do' -
RAF Chelveston 305 BG airfield + control tower = © robert truman 2001 - updated 02/07/13 - Chelveston -- 60th Troop Carrier Group - 301st Bombardment Group (H) - 305th Bombardment Group (H)