Andrews Field
(Andrewsfield, Great Saling)
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Andrews field from the air 1993 (© DJ Akerman)
RAF Andrews Field airfield
Airfield Today:
Agriculture, aviation
Tower Type:
Watch Office for all Commands 12779/41 with medium front windows to 343/43
Demolished - anyone have a photograph of Andrews Field tower?
Other Buildings:
07/42 to 04/43, The first of 14 airfields built by US army engineers.
21/05/43, Great Saling was officially renamed Andrews Field in memory of Lt.Gen. Frank M. Andrews, Commanding General of the US Army in the ETO, who was killed in a B-24 Liberator crash in Iceland.
96th Bombardment Group (Heavy);
05/43 to 06/43, 337th, 338th, 339th and 413th Bombardment Squadrons of the 96th Bomb Group (H) 'It Is Always the Hour' with B-17 Flying Fortress from Grafton Underwood, moved to Snetterton.
322nd Bombardment Group (Medium);
06/43 to 09/44, 449th, 450th, 451st and 452nd Bombardment Squadrons of the 322nd Bomb Group (M) 'I Fear None In Doing Right' - 'Nye's Annihilators' with B-26 Marauders from Bury St Edmunds. 05/43, 322nd Bomb Group was the first B-26 Group to start combat missions.
322nd Bomb Group (M) transferred from VIIIth to IXth USAAF, 09/44 moved to France. Flew 34 missions losing 12 aircraft in action.
'Mild and Bitter' (41-31819) was the first English based B-26 Marauder to complete 100 combat missions.
'Flak Bait' (41-31773) flew 202 missions, the only USAAF bomber to complete more than 200 missions over Europe.
1st Pathfinder Squadron (Provisional);
02/44 to 05/45, 1st Pathfinder Sqn (P) formed here with Gee and Oboe equipped B-26 Marauders. Personnel were volunteers on detached duty from other 9th USAAF units. 1st Pathfinder Sqn led other 9th USAAF Groups in bad weather.
10/44 to /45, Transferred to the RAF and used by No. 19, 65, 122, 129, 306, 315, 316 and 504 Squadrons. Also 616 Sqn, the first Gloster Meteor jet equipped Squadron.
RAF Andrews Field - Andrewsfield - Great Saling airfield
Watch Office for All Commands - the tower type at Andrews Field (© Robert Truman)
RAF Andrews Field - Andrewsfield - Great Saling airfield
Operational bomber and fighter
USAAF Station:
3x - concrete with wood chips
2x - T2
5 miles W of Braintree
OS Ref:
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