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1949 (© via Ian Reid)
2002 (© Robert Truman)
Control Tower - Demolished 2003
Control Tower Photopage
Buildings Photopage
Goxhill airfield
Airfield Today:
Tower Type:
Watch Office with Met Section 518/40
Demolished 2003
Other Buildings:
Almost all buildings and hangars on Technical Site survive.
Operated by 1 Group Bomber Command. 1 Group Towed Target Flight arrived 09/41 with Lysanders. 12/41 12 Group Fighter Command with Spitfires of 616 Sqn.
05/42, Transferred to USAAF 8th Air Force to receive Fighter Group personnel from USA for training.
05/42 to 08/42, 42nd HQ and 71st Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Group with P-38 Lightnings, moved to Kirton in Lindsey.
08/42 to 10/42, 2nd, 4th and 5th Fighter Squadrons of the 52nd Fighter Group with Spitfires from Eglinton, transferred to the XIIth USAAF and moved to North Africa then to Italy.
10/42 to 11/42, 93rd FS, 81st FG of the XIIth USAAF with P-39 Airacobra, moved to Atcham.
12/42 to 04/43, 82nd, 83rd and 84th FS of the 78th FG with P-47 Thunderbolt then P-51 Mustang, moved to Duxford.
06/43 to 08/43, 350th, 351st and 352nd FS of the 353rd FG with P-47 Thunderbolts, moved to Metfield.
08/43 to 10/43, 359th, 360th and 361st FS of the 356th FG
with P-47 Thunderbolts, moved to Martlesham Heath.
10/43 to 11/43, 365th, 366th and 367th FS of the 358th FG, moved to Leiston.
12/43 to 12/44, 496th Fighter Training Group, a Combat Crew Replacement Center for 8th and 9th USAAF units, moved to Halesworth. 554th FS with P-38 Lightning and 555th FS with P-51 Mustang.
01/45, Transferred to RAF Fighter Command and all flying ceased 05/45. 233 MU Bomb Storage, RAF Maintenance Command here until 12/53, airfield sold 29/01/62.
RAF Goxhill - 1st FG - 52nd FG - 78th FG - 353rd FG - 356th FG - 358th FG -
2002 (© Robert Truman)
RAF Goxhill - 1st FG - 52nd FG - 78th FG - 353rd FG - 356th FG - 358th FG -
Training and Operational fighter
ID Code:
USAAF Station:
3x - concrete, tarmac, main NE-SW axis
1x - J, 2x - T2, 4x - Blister
16 miles NW of Grimsby
OS Ref:
Goxhill local newspaper www.goxhillgander.co.uk
All photographs copyright © as stated
RAF Goxhill - 1st FG - 52nd FG - 78th FG - 353rd FG - 356th FG - 358th FG -
2002 (© Robert Truman)
RAF Goxhill airfield
- 1st FG - 52nd FG - 78th FG - 81st FG - 353rd FG - 356th FG - 358th FG -
RAF Goxhill -USAAF, 1 FG, 52 FG, 78 FG, 353 FG, 356 FG, 358 FG,
airfield + control tower = www.controltowers.co.uk © robert truman 2002 - Goxhill -