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The 1916-28 Croydon control tower and customs building 1925 (© via David Young)
Croydon aerodrome - RAF Croydon, Battle of Britain airfield
Airfield Today:
Housing, offices
Tower Type:
1. 1916-28, Wooden Air traffic control and customs building, replaced by;
2. 1928, Croydon Airport terminal building and control tower
1. Demolished
2. Terminal building and control tower now Croydon Airport Museum, offices
Other Buildings:
Not Known
1916 to 1919, originally two airfields, Beddington and Waddon, used during WW1 as a RFC Home Defence and later Training airfield.
1920, Became Londons first international airport. Imperial Airways formed here from independant airlines 01/04/24.
02/05/28, Rebuilt aerodrome and new control tower, terminal building opened.

02/09/39 to /1944, used as a Fighter Command station until full transfer to Transport Command which left on 03/46.
Civil flying began again post-war but the runways were too short for large modern aircraft and there was no room for extensions due to housing. Heathrow became Londons new international airport 25/03/46.
Croydon airport - RAF Croydon
The 1928 Croydon control tower and terminal building 1959 (© Steve Bond)
Ju52's were frequent visitors to Croydon in the 1930s (seen here at Duxford in 1999)
Croydon Aircraft Photopage
18/12/1948 Anson on the roof! G-ALFJ after engine failure on take off, luckily no-one was hurt.
(© C. Abbott, via Peter Jones)
Croydon aerodrome - RAF Croydon
Airport, Fighter Command, Transport Command, Department of Civil Aviation
ID Code:
Pre-war: GED, WWII: CO, 1956: ED
USAAF Station:
3x - Grass
4x - Blister
2-1/2 miles SW of Croydon
OS Ref:
Photographs © as stated
Croydon airport - RAF Croydon
1959 and 1986 (© Steve Bond)
2002 (© Roland Elworthy)
London Airport - Croydon
1929 (© via Steve Ward)
London Airport - Croydon
1925 (© via David Young)
London Airport - Croydon
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