Bovingdon p h o t o p a g e: 'The War Lover' film - 1960/61
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Robert Wagner and Steve McQueen with the fictional B-17 'House of Usher' on the set of 'The War Lover' - crash landing filmed at Manston 1961 (© )
RAF Bovingdon - The War Lover -

'The War Lover'
Filmed at RAF Bovingdon in 1961 starring Steve McQueen as 'Buzz Rickson' along with Robert Wagner and Shirley Anne Field.
Worth watching just for the low level flight of B-17 'The Body'! The B-17's wore the markings of the 91st BG from Bassingbourn.
1961 Back view of the Tower
B-17 low flypast during filming of
'The War Lover' starring Steve McQueen
The two previous photos combined to produce this amazing image!
(© William E. Schneider)
RAF Bovingdon airfield
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